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5 Studio Hacks Under $20

Whether you have a corner of a room or an entire room, these finds will help organize your creative space without breaking the bank.

I am so fortunate to have a dedicated room in my home as my art studio, but while my basement workplace has the bonuses of a fireplace (and being the perfect temperature for a glass of wine), it is not without its challenges. The floors are tile, the wall space is limited and there never seems to be enough storage space. However, after spending a bunch of money to have California Closets build work surfaces and shelving, I vowed to find less expensive ways to enhance and decorate. Here are five of my studio finds that may work for you too and save you some money!

1. FloorPops

As I said, my floors are tile...and not just any tile...tile that my French father-in-law painstakingly installed by hand and when I say it is meticulous, I mean, perfect! While I have little scraps of paper all over the place, I'd hate to get paint on it. I also have a stool for my island, but prefer to stand when I work. Enter these cute foam puzzle tiles! They are adorable, protect the tile and are nice and cushy on my feet. I purchased this set of six at the Christmas Tree Shops, but found them for you for $13 on Amazon!

2. Command Spring Clips

I've shown these before on Instagram and they received a lot of attention. One of my walls is concrete so I do not dare drill into it, so I use these awesome Command Strip Clips to display small pieces of art or inspiration. I love, love, them and can add and move them around so easily. Got these at Target for $8.50

3. Adhesive Cork Boards

Sticking with the walls (literally), I am forever collecting little quotes, images and notes, but always lose them in bins. These simple adhesive cork boards will be a big help to pin bits that I need or want to access quickly...and an 8-pack only sets you back about $10. By the way, the super cute tacks were found at Five Below!

4. Scrapbooks for Stencil Storage

I am definitely a "stencil girl" which is why I need a way to store my stencils that can grow easily with my collection. Any scrapbooks with sleeves that open on top work perfect for me. I organize by style of the stencils and can easily flip thru and see each design. I purchased mine from Michael's but found less expensive ones online that are 3-ring, they come in different colors and you can add pages as needed. Each one is less than $20 (with page refill packs under $20 as well).

5. Magazine Racks

I work a lot on watercolor paper and flat canvases, and so do my kids. File folder or magazine racks are perfect for storing to keepi your art upright and separated; and they save a ton of space! I found this metal one at a thrift store, but you can find them in most office supply stores too. I like this one for $12 on Amazon, it has a cool triangular shape! (BTW, these are also great for their intended my stacks of Somerset Studio Journals!)

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