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My Favorite Lindy's Projects & Videos

I spent a year on the Lindy's Gang Design Team. Here's a look back at my favorite 5 projects!

1. This Little Grungy Book. Supplies and step-by-step written instructions here.

2. My Color Challenge for May 2021. The theme was ocean and the colors, aqua green, teal blue and yellow. I added a layer of gesso to these seashells then used Lindy's Magicals and Sprays to give them their gorgeous color, and finished with my go-to gold gel pen.

3. 5-Minute Salty Notebook Covers. Supplies and step-by-step written instructions here.

3. This Small Journal with a Lattice Cover for Lindy's Color Challenge November 2021. The colors were autumn shades of purple, orange and magenta and the special ingredient was canvas. I used Lindy's inks to stencil on watercolor paper and outline with white gel-pen. I cut the papers into strips, weaved them together and used heavy gel medium to glue to a small flat canvas. I cut the canvas in half and created a binding with washy tape, then punched two holes, one at the top of the tape, another at the bottom. I then laced a cord through and tied on the outside. Papers were folded and slipped under the cord to create the pages. (I also inked a border with a POSCA paint pen.)

5. DIY Wine Coasters (of course). Supplies and step-by-step instruction here.



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