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A Challenge That Every Artist Should Take

As a new artist, I was struggling with finding my own voice, my own style and confidence in that style. I started taking class after class, learning new techniques and stretching myself to not mimic the teacher, but to make each work my own.

I struggled a lot. Though I was pleased with some of my creations, there was nothing about them that made them uniquely me. Then I signed up for the #the100dayproject ! If you have not heard of The 100 Day Project, it is just that, you select a project and you create one every day for 100 days. If it sounds grueling, well, it can be, but if you want to stretch yourself...find yourself...I absolutely recommend it. Day 1:

I had really gotten into abstract art and mark making, but didn't want to bog myself down with too many requirements, so I decided to create abstracts, but to use only two colors (along with neutrals) and work small (about 5" x 5"). When I began, I could spend up to an hour stressing over the proper placement of a mark or blending of a color, but as the days went on, I became more free and confident. I started selecting colors I never used before, I used collage here and there, and began drawing arches and botanicals. Day 29:

In the end, I created a collection that I am extremely proud of and one that I could truly call my own. My 100 Day Project experience helped me to find a new side of my artistic voice and I highly recommend it to all! If you'd like to shop some of my pieces, head on over to my Etsy Store.

Day 60:



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