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I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected to be a part of the Lindy's Gang 2021 Design Team! What is Lindy's? Lindy's creates the most amazing sprays and powders for Mixed Media Artists like you and me!

I first discovered Lindy's when I received two of their "magical" powders in an art journaling kit. I wasn't sure how to use them, so I turned to the Lindy's blog and fell in love. I am terrible with watercolors, Lindy's products have a beautiful watercolor effect, but the product themselves give the shading and contrast that I never seem to achieve with my paints.

I also love, love the variety of colors available. I am such a neutral girl and adore vintage, and I can still get my neutral fix with so many of the options at Lindy's, but I have also been pushed to experiment with color, beautiful shades of purples and blues and greens, all with quirky and fun names.

I am also excited to announce that at this time, I am the only U.S. rep on the Lindy's Design Team. I am honored to be among a group of incredibly talented international artists and to learn from them just as you can... The diversity of our styles is awesome - something for everyone!

Keep an eye on these Lindy's accounts for my projects, tutorials and favorite products...and please feel free to share your discoveries!



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