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I've Been Published!

One of my eco-dyed mini journals was selected to be a Reader Spotlight in the Summer 2021 issue of Somerset Studio Magazine and I am so honored! I have been drooling over this publication since I first discovered it and can hardly believe one of my pieces is now in it for all to see.

This little mini journal was one of my first eco-dying creations and I am thrilled that such a leading publication in the mixed media world would find it worthy to grace its pages. If just one person is inspired to give my project a try after seeing it in print, I would be happy to the moon and back.

The title, "Believe in Yourself," is so fitting too. I nearly fainted when I found the issue in my mailbox... never thinking for a moment that I'd get in. Thank you @stampington for making a dream come true! (And the nature issue to boot!!!)



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