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Nature's Paint

It goes without saying that my kids and I spent a great deal of our semi-quarantined summer in the art studio exploring and trying new things. I'd imagine we are not the only ones who rediscovered or discovered our creative sides during this time, and despite the craziness of COVID, I feel very blessed for this. We have also spent a lot of time outdoors exploring our area for hiking trails, animal parks and local farms, we even found a bird sanctuary in walking distance from our home. So when I saw this really cool way to combine my love for mixed media with my love for the outdoors, a new hobby was born. It's called eco-dying, and I am obsessed!

Eco-dying is pretty self-explanatory. It is the art of dying papers and fabrics with leaves, plants and flowers. If you so wanted, you could use a store-bought dye to get more color, but I rather like the natural look from the plants themselves, with a little rust to grunge it up. This fall I will be filming a class on eco-dying, my first art class. Please let me know if you would be interested in learning the art of eco-dying: nature's paint!



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